Ayurveda Packages


We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Ayurveda panchakarma centre with head office at New Delhi and branch in Kerala.

Our Commitments: We are committed to provide quality treatment and we use the best quality oils and medicines in our clinic. We keep our centre and surroundings very clean and hygienic. Our customer care is far better than any other Ayurveda centre in India. Proper personal attention at our centre has retained many clients as frequent visitors for our special packages.

Charges per sitting of our standard Ayurveda relaxation program:

Programs Duration Cost
Abhyangam with steam : Full Body Synchronized Message 60 min 1000
Shirodhara : Stream of warm oil poured on head 60 min 1800

{Uzhichil - full body massage with warm oil, Shirodhara - pouring warm oil on the forehead (effective for stress / strain, sleep disorder, rejuvenating brain etc.), Steam - sitting in the chamber filled with steam prepared by herbal/medicated water, Herbal Bath - taking bath in warm water prepared with herbs, Pizhichil - rejuvenating treatment with medicated warm oil used in a continuous stream for a definite period for the whole body, Kizhi -treatment is made to sweat the body by fomentation with a bundle of linen filled with a bolus of special herbs/pulses}

Special Health Care Packages:

Programs Cost
Pathrapotaliswedanam : Bundles of leaves to target soreness 1500

Saundarya Treatments (Beauty Package)

Programs Cost
Siroabhyangam, Abhyangam, Face Massage, Mukhalepanam,
Pada Abhyangam, Sarvang Ksheerdhara, Kashya Snana

Programs Cost
Abhyangam, Shirodhara / Ksheerdhara,
Sarvang Khseerdhara, Kasshaya Sunana

Programs Cost
Abhyangam with Shirodhara 2800

Our working time is 8 am - 7 pm. All days are working including Sundays. Doctor is available on all the days except Thursdays.

All the rates mentioned above are the cost of the treatment. Accommodation could be arranged at a nearby guest house.