Shirovasthi is an authentic Aryuvedic treatment that can acts as a cure for many diseases. Here head-, face- and central nervous system-related diseases are usually eliminated after this treatment. Shirovasthi treatment is activated when the therapeutic properties of the medicated oil acts on the person's brains tuning the central and autonomous nervous system. The medicinal effects of the combination are received by the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and the sympathetic nerves. The central nervous system gets the relieving effect from stress and other stress related ailments.


Shirovasthi is the procedure wherein the medicated oil is retained on the head for a prescribed period. For this purpose, a clean cloth bandage is wrapped around the head of the patient over the forehead going over the ears and eye brows and then is smeared with a paste of black gram powder prepared with hot water on both sides. A cap-like contraption of 12 'angula' height without a top covering is placed over this. Another cloth is wound over the base of the cap along with the first wrap to fix the skin cap in position and to prevent the oil from leaking out at the junctions.The prescribed medicated oil is warmed to body temperature and poured into this cap from a height of 2 'angulas' till the hair on the head is fully covered by the oil. This process is done with the patient sitting on a comfortable chair.

Thus the oil can be retained until the patient develops discharge from the nose and mouth or for a maximum 45 minutes. Oil is then removed from the head by bending the head slightly and making a small opening in the bandage. The palms, soles, shoulders, ears, etc., must be made warm by gentle rubbing. Fresh oil is applied on the body and head and made to bath with lukewarm water. Rasnadi choornam is applied on the vertex.

This treatment is known to cure the following:

Dryness of the scalp

Itching on the head


ENT diseases

Certain skin conditions of the scalp