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Full body Ayurveda massage done with special herbal boluses to restore vigour and vitality with medicated oils which have potent curative powers and promises freedom from stress and lethargy. Utilization of constitution matching herbalized oil is very much important. As it is a procedure which improves the tolerance power against various stresses, it helps to restore and repair worn out tissues, boost up circulatory system and prevents early ageing. This is also recommended for relaxation.

Kati VastiKati Vasti
It is done with the help of specially designed floor ring by placing it over the region and then pouring the special herbal oils after doing massage in that region, at particular temperature to reduce the pain, stiffness and inflammation.

Complete purification and rejuvenation of the body and mind. Panchakarma is one of the major healing techniques of Ayurveda which offers a systemic programme of revitalization and radical purification. This therapy scavenges the free radicals which circulate in various systems and are causative factors for early ageing, heart disorders, cancer, loss of vigour and vitality, premature graying and falling of hair, compromised immune status, unexplained weight loss and weight gain, lack of libido and psychosomatic illnesses. The Panchakarma treatment should be taken at regular intervals with pious mind to maintain optimum physical and mental health. The methods of treatments are...

» Vamana - Process of therapeutic Emesis.
» Virechana - Process of therapeutic Purgation.
» Anuvasana Vasti - Enema by using oleous medicaments.
» Nirooha Vasti - Enema by herbal decoctions.
» Nasya - Nasal administration of herbal medicaments. Oleation and Sudation are done to prepare the body and mind for required Panchakarma procedure.

Beauty CareBeauty Care
To enhance glow and charm of the face, various facial packs following massage are provided. MARMA POINTS are massaged in a unique and authentic way by using classical ayurveda oils or creams.
» To remove-dead skin, black heads, pimples and dark circles under eyes.
» To minimize wrinkles.

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Bio-Organic body paste applied over the body and rubbed off in a prescribed manner which discourages foul smell and removes unwanted dead skin layer, unwanted hair and promotes skin health, by improving continuous blood circulation.
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